Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

Honed over 15 years of restaurant use with features that are
considered upgrades by our competitors.

  • AspexPOS is an easy-to-use, proven point-of-sale technology that has eliminated complex, unnecessary procedures to give you a fast and focused application to help you manage your restaurant. This integrated hardware/software solution includes everything you need to run a smooth operation from touchscreen monitors and credit card processing to menu management and employee time tracking.

  • Aspex POS Point of Sales System Software

  • Customization

    Software is designed to allow you to, customize the program to best suit your needs, within reason.
  • Security

    Our software is PCI 3.1 compliant. Find us on their website here.
  • Easy Menu Programming

    Easy in-house menu management.
  • Self-Contained Gift Card System

    Gift card system is contained within the software—no third-party programs.
  • Pre-Order Feature

    Software will remember future orders and print them on the appropriate date and time.
  • Loyalty Programs

    Software will record order history so you can easily reward your most loyal customers.
  • Caller ID Integration

    System will integrate with 
 caller-ID to remember repeat customers and maintain accounts with 
information on addresses and order history.
  • Integrated Time Clock

    Employees cannot use the system without clocking in so you can quickly and easily track hours.
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing

    System integrates your payment processing so you don’t have to route it through another program/hardware.
  • Hardware and Accessories

    One of the unique elements of Aspex Solutions is that each of our hardware components and accessories is a standalone piece that can be added or removed from an overall solution. This allows for customizable solutions, more efficient technical support and reduced replacement costs. Additionally, we build some of our hardware in-house to ensure the highest level of quality and a lower overall cost.

  • TechSupport_AspexPOS

  • Technical Support

    We know you don’t have time to troubleshoot your POS system when it goes down. That is why our best-in-class technical support team is available 8:00am-1:30am, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our technical support staff will usually reply to your support request within 1 hour and can often diagnose and repair the problem via our remote login so you can focus on your customers rather than on troubleshooting the problem yourself.

    Aspex Technical Support Plans