Aspex Logistics

Restaurant Intelligence

View your restaurant operations from the perspective of your data.

  • At Aspex, we believe the greatest value a POS software can provide is the ability to review standard sales data, payroll, predict trends based on previous sales, and utilize the information the software gathers.

  • Aspex Logistics Restaurant Intelligence Data

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  • Multi-tasking

    Run multiple reports at the same time in order to easily compare data from different areas of operation.

    Favorites Bar

    Easily store and view your valuable and most frequently used reports in one easily accessible menu.

    Export to Excel

    Export data to a Microsoft Office® Excel spreadsheet to manipulate and view data as you need it.

    Print Menu

    From the Print menu, you can export to Excel, PDF, or email directly in either format.


    Easy-to-use interface that requires little to training.

Common Questions

  • Will Logistics Export to Excel?

    Yes, Logistics will Export to Excel. And from the Print menu, you can export to Excel, PDF, or email directly in either format.

  • Does it report on payroll? If yes, does it calculate overtime?

    Yes, Logistics will report your payroll and you can even divide the payroll report by job-type. This comes in handy when you have an employee with multiple job titles. Yes, Aspex Logistics calculates overtime per Colorado state laws. We will customize it per your state laws as long as you can provide us with the information.

  • Does it report by the different shifts that I have set up at my restaurant?


  • Can I get detail by items sold?

    Yes. You can break it down by group or as detailed as each item.

  • How long does Logistics store my data for?

    All information since you started using Aspex POS is stored. This is an important feature since all systems do not allow this.

  • Can I view old checks (the itemized receipt printed for customers)?

    Yes. You can go back and view checks from the very first day you started using AspexPOS.

  • What if I need a report that logistics does not have?

    For a small fee ($100) we can create almost any report that you might want.

  • How much does Logistics cost?

    Logistics only cost $15/month